We are a new generation
of workspace

Department X is a collective of experts that come together in unique configurations, carefully selected by specialism and experience to help solve specific issues faced by those who are looking to activate space for work and build back better from big business to local authorities who are looking to activate and create space for the new work approach to build back communities and create opportunity.

No matter what, where or why, we will find relevant ways to solve problems that are sustainable, efficient and laser focussed for success whilst driving social value.

We help kick-start
local economies.

Responsive to the unique needs of local authorities and a beacon of hope for recovery and economic wealth, we bring growth and energy to areas to stimulate change.

By showing how to create both wealth and jobs we can revitalising entire regions with our enthusiasm and vision. We are exactly what’s required right now to ensure what’s coming next has a better chance of success. We ensure what’s coming next is stronger, better and resilient for the future.

Who we have worked with

We are a collective of
people who have
already made
their mark.

Our shared experience is decades long, empowering those we work with to make confident better decisions : de-risking investment thanks to our impeccable track record.

We just work with good, smart people who know their stuff and who have already made their mark and want to make good things happen.